About Us

Whether pilgrims are traveling to Jerusalem, tourists are swimming in the Dead Sea, or entrepreneurs are exploring Ramallah’s flourishing city, Yabous serves as the leading tourism company in Palestine.

Managing the top eight hotel properties throughout the West Bank and Gaza, Yabous is a share-holding company and market leader in the tourism and hospitality industries in Palestine.

Yabous Company for Tourism Investments set new standards and raise the bar in Palestine’s hospitality industry. Yabous takes pride that it is completely owned and funded by the Palestinian Investment Fund (PIF) and manages PIF’s tourism assets and investment portfolios. The company wants to consolidate services, reduce costs, and act as the resource and information center for its different properties. These efforts are in order to increase the tourism turnout and improve the tourism revenue stream. By creating cohesion between the hotels and developing partnerships and investments with key players and services, Yabous manages these hotels to provide quality services to tourists. In addition Yabous will contribute to the revitalization and growth of the hospitality industry by investing in strategic properties especially in Jerusalem, focusing on quality of service, job creation and promoting economic prosperity.

The structure of the company has been developed to integrate marketing and sales, operations, finance and cost control, property maintenance, and procurement as a consolidated centralized hub. Making such a hub available will decrease cost and turnover and increase occupancy in the different properties.

Yabous will forge strategic alliances with key stakeholders in the hospitality industry to benefit from the supply chain. It will also gain a competitive advantage including engagement with academic institutions, helping students gain apprenticeships that can benefit both students and industry operators and developers.